Fat Injection FAQS

Are fat injections safe?

When fat injections are performed by a properly qualified and trained doctor in an appropriate medical setting, treatment is safe.

What are the potential risks associated with fat injections?

Risks include hematoma or blood pooling beneath the skin. Although rare, infection and necrosis or skin loss is possible. Fatty nodules or bumps beneath the skin are also possible. An unsatisfactory outcome is also a risk.

Are there human fat alternatives?

The only substitute for human fat in some instances is a U.S. FDA-approved injectable dermal filler, or specific implanted dermal filler. You should never be injected with fat from another human donor, with petroleum, or with animal, vegetable or synthetic fat. The result can be serious disfigurement, illness or even death.

What if I don’t like my results?

If you don’t like the results, they may diminish over time. The only way to extract fat that has been injected is through liposuction surgery.

Can fat be used to augment breast size?

Fat injections to the breast are not a standard of care. This is a very complicated and lengthy procedure with unpredictable outcomes and can interfere with breast cancer detection. Breast implants that are U.S. FDA approved are the accepted method of breast enlargement. For more information on breast enlargement or reconstruction with implants, visit www.breastimplantsafety.org.

How do I choose a doctor who performs fat injections?

To learn about the proper qualifications for a doctor who injects dermal fillers, go to Your Doctor.